Welcome to Club Penguin Scoop!

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Welcome to Club Penguin Scoop. I am super happy that you came and checked out my site! You may or may not know what Club Penguin Scoop is, so let me break it down, yo.

Club Penguin Scoop is a fan blog dedicated to Disney’s game “Club Penguin Island.” I (Garygrayhair) created this site on February 14, 2016, and I’ve had a blast running it! I’ve chatted with so many awesome penguins around the world, and its just been an all around awesome experience.

That’s great and all, but what does Club Penguin Scoop actually do?

Well, on Club Penguin Scoop, I write about the latest breaking news and information on the game, as well as offer my opinions on certain events or features, post tutorials to help out penguins in need (whether it be daily challenges, or navigating through certain areas, or pretty much anything you can think of!), and a whole bunch more fun content!

Want to learn even more about Club Penguin Scoop? What about getting the latest articles as soon as they are posted? Check out the official Club Penguin Scoop Twitter account here, or tweet me on my own Twitter account here!

Thanks for checking out Club Penguin Scoop, and feel free to stick around for the latest scoop on all things Club Penguin Island related! 😉