EXCLUSIVE: Check out what the Club Penguin Island Logo Used to Look Like!

Hey penguins!

I’ve been searching around the web for quite a while now and I think I found something quite awesome… an early concept of the Club Penguin Island logo!

As I’m sure all of you know, a game goes through multiple stages of concepts before getting released to the public. This was especially true for Club Penguin Island. It took over 3 years for them to finally nail down a concept!

We all knew the classic Club Penguin logo. It was engraved in to our minds from a very young age, and to all of us, it means something truly special. The team had to keep this in mind while designing the new logo for the brand new mobile app. From brainstorming ideas, to sketching it on paper, then completing it on the computer, it takes a very long time for a logo to get completed.

What I’m about to show you is what looks to be what could have been the Club Penguin Island logo we all know today… I compared it to the logo they ended up going with so you could see the similarities between the two.

Check it out!

Club Penguin Island Concept Logo

Isn’t that crazy?! I actually really like the concept logo. If you cam’t tell from the picture, the word “Club” is in an icy, snow-like font, and the word “Island” has palm trees and leaves growing out either side of it. Very cool!

It looks like they went with a similar color palette to the concept. The icy colors are reminiscent of the current logo, and the colors of the word “Island” are practically the same on both of the images.

But that’s not all folks…

I have also managed to find a concept storyboard for the original Club Penguin Island launch video. You know, the one that we all kept watching over and over late November of last year?

Club Penguin Island Video Concept Art

Pretty cool right? I love seeing all the work that goes in to Club Penguin Island. It’s incredible what the team does behind the scenes!

What do you think of the old Club Penguin Island logo?

Let me know in the comments below!

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