Former Community Manager of CP, Bobbi Jean, Takes New Job at “Yeti Farm Creative”

Hey penguins!

I’m here to report that the former Community Manager of Club Penguin, Bobbi Jean (or as you may know her, Megg), has taken a job at Yeti Farm Creative.

After abruptly leaving her position at Disney this past July, it was unknown what Bobbi would be doing next. Turns out, she’s the new Production Manager at the company “Yeti Farm Creative.” Yeti Farm Creative, according to their site, “is an animation house based in Kelowna, B.C.. [They] utilize Maya, Flash and Harmony pipelines for service and development.”

Bobbi Jean NEW Production Manager at Yeti Farm Creative


According to her social media pages, she has been at this job for four months already, beginning a month before she announced her departure. I guess that’s where she went on her big “adventure” to!

Yeti Farm Creative has worked on projects like the popular cartoon “Max and Ruby,” and the Cartoon Network show “Rocket Monkeys.”

I wonder what she’ll be working on over there…

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