PROOF: Club Penguin Island is Coming to PC!!

Hey penguins!

Boy have I got some exciting news for you today.

Ever since Club Penguin Island released in March of this year, and even dating back to November of last year, the #1 complaint about the game was that it was not available on desktop computers. When asked about this, the team gave answers like “we want to focus on mobile first” and “mobile is our #1 priority!” But yesterday things got a little different.

If you headed over to Club Penguin’s FaceBook and scrolled through the comments on the picture of the penguin dabbing (I can’t believe I’m typing those words) Club Penguin responded with a more in-depth answer. Check it out.


So this at least confirms that they’re looking into it. Well I did a bit of research of my own and found out that they’re really looking into it.

On a job posting website, I found this job listing for a Sr. Rendering Engineer for Club Penguin Island that was posted 12 days ago. Check out what it says!

 Club Penguin Island coming to Desktop/PC!

Club Penguin Island Hiring Desktop Engineer!

Whenever I read that for the first time I got extremely excited. Although it doesn’t explicitly say that Club Penguin Island will be coming to desktop, it pretty much confirms it.

There have also been some pretty cool fan-made concepts floating around the community of desktop CPI. Looks like the team has listened to our cries!

I guess it’s time to bust out this old thing again:

 Club Penguin Island coming to Desktop/PC!

Are you excited for Club Penguin Island to be coming to desktop?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

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Thanks to my friend for the tip!

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