IDEA: Club Penguin Island SECRET Twitter Account!?

Hey penguins!

Today I was wandering about (as I usually do) and came up with this idea that I think would bring back a “spark” in the Club Penguin community.

Remember years and years and years ago whenever Billybob emailed a few CP bloggers certain excerpts from a picture, that when you stitched together made an image that showed a pretty big sneak peek for the final PSA mission? If you don’t, here’s the completed image. It was pretty cool what he did!

A Secret Club Penguin Twitter Account?

On Twitter today I shared my idea (which was quite difficult given the 140 character limit.) I tagged the official Club Penguin account in it so hopefully they respond!

Check it out:





What do you think of the idea? Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

I think this would be a good idea to bridge the gap between the update periods (which is once a MONTH.) During those limbo periods, there really isn’t much new to do, and you can get bored very quickly. Imagine one day checking your Twitter and BOOM a sneak peek image (from someone inside the Club Penguin HQ) has been “leaked”! Pretty cool right?

And of course the entire Club Penguin team would know about the account “leaking” the images (because they were the ones who created it) but they could act like they didn’t, and the account would seem like it was run by one sneaky employee. Instead of posting the occasional sneak peek on the official Twitter account, why not up the ante and make it seem like a complete and total secret?

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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