Gary the Gadget Guy’s Famous Catchphrase Has a Surprisingly Dark History

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This post is going to be quite a bit different than my usual articles and involves some sensitive topics, like religion. If you’re not a fan of that sort of stuff, feel free to exit this page and continue on with your day (but thanks for stopping by!). Just thought I’d give a little warning before I get in to things.

We all love Gary the Gadget Guy. He’s that geeky, nerdy penguin who “loves to tinker,” and always manages to save the day with his wacky inventions. When Gary is in some sort of sticky situation, or maybe just needs to announce his surprise, he does so by saying the phrase “Gadzooks!”

Funny word, right? Well it has quite a deeper meaning that dates back to what some claim as the beginning of time.

While browsing the web I came across an interesting video by the popular YouTuber Vsauce, real name Michael Stevens. The video, titled “Why Are Bad Words Bad?,” explains the history of bad words and answers the question, well, “Why are bad words bad?” If you head to around the two and a half minute mark, Michael begins to talk about the different types of bad words and how they can be used to hurt people. One of the people who could be “affected” by bad words, was God.

Check out this quote from Michael’s video:

It was believed that casually or vainly referring to God would physically injure God himself, literally. So, at the time people were forced to come up with euphemisms like ‘Zounds!’ and ‘Gadzooks!’

Michael then continues to explain the use of bad words in Victorian times, saying that “Zounds!” meant “God’s Wounds!”, and “Gadzooks!” meant “God’s Hooks!”, referring to the nails driven through Jesus.

Pretty heavy stuff, right?

The question now remains if Disney’s Club Penguin team knew about the dark history of one of their most popular character’s exclamations, or if the phrase was simply discovered by doing some Google searching.

But for now, we can just continue admiring Gary the Gadget Guy’s nerdiness.

What do you think of the history of Gary’s famous phrase?

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This post was just something extra I did for fun because the topic interested me. I’ll be back to posting more lighthearted things soon! 😉

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  1. Jordan82679

    Woah, me being a Christian I didn’t really know what that meant. Until this was exclaimed. Wow! It’s fun to see history and science connecting together! I love Club Penguin but I didn’t know that! Anyways, great post!