Club Penguin Island V.1.4 RELEASED On BOTH Apple & Android Devices!

Hey penguins!

Yesterday, many penguins were posting pictures of the new 1.4 update on Twitter, leaving many penguins confused and upset as to why they received the update, while others did not. Turns out, the Club Penguin team (usually) releases the update first on Android devices, then releases it on Apple devices.

For the most part, the updates are released on both platforms within the hour, or just a little bit beyond. But this time, however, it’s been an entire day since Android users received the update. I am now happy to report that just moments ago Club Penguin Island V.1.4 was released on Apple devices. Hooray!

To download the update, head to the App Store on your device and select the “Updates” tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You should then see an icon of Club Penguin Island, and a button that reads “UPDATE” next to it. Click the UPDATE button, and the new version will begin downloading!

Club Penguin Island V.1.4 RELEASED on Apple & Android

The new icon looks pretty neat. It’s interesting how Megg is really becoming her own character in the game, being featured in app icons and graphics.

I’ll be sure to update you on everything new in the 1.4 update, so stay tuned!

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