Club Penguin Island: NEW Party Game! (Marble Hunt)

Hey penguins!

With the release of Version 1.4 of the Club Penguin Island app, a new feature came along with it… a party game! Ever since the release of CP Island, players have been begging the team for some type of mini-game. First we got Sled Racer, and now we have Marble Hunt!

Marble Hunt is a game similar to hide-and-seek, but instead of a person (or penguin) hiding, you’rehidiig marbles! The game is actually pretty fun and easy to use, and I definitely recommend you trying it out.

If you are a member and want to purchase Marble Hunt, head to one of the shops on the island. The game will then be stored in your inventory in a new tab called “Games.”

Club Penguin Island NEW Party Game Released!

Whoever wins the game of Marble Hunt (either the seeker who finds all the marbles in less than a minute, or the hider who successfully managed to hide them) will receive 30 coins and 5 Rookie XP. Yeah that’s right, you receive experience points if you win! Finally, another way to get XP other than completing the daily challenges. Thank you CPI!

What do you think of the new party game?

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