Club Penguin Island: 1.4 Update Will Be Available In A Few DAYS!

Hey penguins!

It’s been a very unusual couple of days. Two days ago, the Club Penguin Island team released the 1.4 update on Android devices, as they usually do, stating that the iOS release would be soon to follow. Two days later, we’re still left with a tweet that reads, “The dev team is heads down…”

A curious penguin by the name of Alex-Chan wrote an email to the CP Island support staff asking about the delay. Here is there official response:


Club Penguin Island Responds to iOS Delay

In case you can’t read Spanish, the message reads:

The new update will be available very soon please wait a couple of days. If you still can not see it available on your device at the end of the week, please contact us again so we can investigate what is happening.

A couple of days!? By the end of the week!? Looks like the team is having quite a bit of trouble getting the new update on iOS devices. this has happened before, but not to this extent. In my personal opinion, I think the team should have delayed the Android release until they had everything sorted out with the iOS release. That would allow players on both platforms to explore the new update at the same time.

What do you think of this delay?

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